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Russell Island


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Where is Russell Island?


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The temperature for a good part of the year sits at around 26 – 29 degrees. Of course, there are extremes from time to time with heat waves and cold spells.

The island is too far south from far North Queensland’s cyclone zone, but still, most of the houses are built to withstand a low-grade cyclone N2. Sometimes after very strong cyclones in Northern Queensland, the island does get some windy weather afterward, sometimes some heavy rains but nothing worse than in Brisbane.

There are no rivers to flood on the island. Brisbane has flooded several times but the islands have not flooded. Some water may lie across the roads after very heavy rain but most times you can drive through.


What are the properties like on the Islands?

There is a vast range of properties with diverse styles and designs. There is a limited supply of waterfront properties and many towns, country, and woodland homes. Where else could you buy a block of land and build a house for such affordable prices? Or live in a waterfront property within a short commute to Brisbane CBD or go the other way to the attractions of the Gold Coast. Or indeed take your boat out and snorkel around Peel Island or fish in one of the film locations of Pirates of the Caribbean.


With some of the best land and property prices in Australia, stunning scenery, fantastic sailing, kayaking, and fishing. You really can live the dream and still have money in the bank.

You can buy in the bush the town on the waterfront or water views. The island can always suit your budget and lifestyle. We have new homes from $239.000, Houses on the water from $260.000. A woodland property from $160.000. Or a double block from $44.000. Just an idea of what can be bought. Stretch out with a modernist waterfront property for $950.000 that would cost a fortune on the mainland. Come and live the dream and still have money in your pocket.


Land and Property prices on the Islands, why so cheap?

We have land currently listed from $17.000 up to $2000.000 and houses from $150.000 up to $950.000. So the median price is probably the lowest in Australia. This may because we are an Island.

Historically high unemployment on the Islands, cost of travel, the lack of a bridge and infrastructure, bad publicity, and misleading articles of the islands have kept prices down.

However this is changing with new infrastructure, plans for tourism, new sports facilities, and clubs with a new recreation center, sealed roads, new marina planned, new jetties planned, Go card for Translink, new car parks, new developments and house building happening all adding to the growing optimism on the Islands. It really is a good time to come. Where else could you have this Island lifestyle at the prices the Island offers.

How much are the rates on Russell Island?

On average Approx $300 per quarter for a block and about $360 for a house approx, this can vary across the island and can be more for waterfront blocks.


How much does it cost to connect water and electricity to a vacant block?

Water approx $800 and Energex quote approx $285 for connections. With the additional cost for an electrician to carry out works approx $1,000. Electricians and plumbers are located on the islands and available to quote.



How much does it cost to clear a block?

This is dependent on the block of course. The cost will vary according to the number of trees and their size. There are firms located on the island and available to quote.

Can I build on my block?

Nearly all-island blocks are purchased for building either residential or commercial and in some cases semi-commercial. Soil tests will be required and planning applied for through Redland City Council. However, there is very little difference between general procedures on Russell Island and the mainland.



What facilities are there on the islands?

A The Island has a wealth of activities and facilities to offer, including swimming pools, gym, sports clubs, Bowls club, RSL, Royal Brisbane Yacht Club, Russell Island sailing and Kayaking club, Tennis courts, rugby, cricket, and football pitches, Netted swimming area, Camping, picnic and BBQ areas, woodland walkways, Nature and conservation clubs. The Island is also a hub for the arts with local musical groups’ artists, sculptors, and photographers.

A short walk from the jetty, you’ll find Aunty Alice''s Cafe, the medical centre with two doctors, a nurse and visiting osteopath, audiologist, and a pathologist 3 days per week. Nearby there is also a vet clinic, nursery (which also sells gardening equipment), health food store (with a visiting physiotherapist), library (open wed-sat), motel, and bottle shop.

A further short walk and you’ll make it to the police station and the local shopping centre. It has a full-sized IGA supermarket, a butcher, chemist, bakery, newsagent, hairdresser, and take-away. The chemist also acts as an agent for Bendigo Bank.

Past the local pool, near the primary school is the post office which is an agent for the CBA, NAB and more. Nearby is the petrol station and builders hire centre, both of which sell hardware supplies. The petrol station also has a workshop for mechanical repairs.

Elsewhere on the island you will find the community centre, with an op-shop, a bowls club with Chinese restaurant and an RSL club with a bistro.

Russell Island is a great place for people interested in fishing. There are two boat ramps, one on the eastern side of the island and one on the western side.

Other businesses on the island include:

Emergency Services:

As mentioned, there is a police station, however, there’s also a local ambulance station. Both the police and the ambulance service have their own water transport. Russell Island bush fire brigade and there is a designated rescue helipad assigned at Jackson Oval.


Are there shops available on the islands?

Russell and Macleay islands are the largest islands in the group and they have a variety of shops including Super IGA, convenience stores, Service Station, bakery, bottle shop, Pharmacy, Hairdresser, Post Office, and other smaller shops.


Are there places to eat and be entertained on these islands?

There are a number of nice eateries including a cafe, and clubs, serving local dishes, Chinese and specialties. There are also takeaways including Pizza and Seafood. And you are only 20 mins away from the mainland and a host of further eateries and 40 mins from either the Gold Coast or Brisbane.

Live music, Pirates of the Caribean filmed in the waters surrounding and our annual island pirates day. Come join the fun.

There is regular entertainment with Karaoke, Trivia, Live bands, and more across the islands with free inter-island travel.

There is plenty of activity going on at the island's pubs and clubs. The RSL with Bistro, Pokies and regular entertainment and large covered outside area, Pub Paradise, Two Bowls clubs a club on Lamb Island, and plenty of social gatherings events and community groups.


Are there swimming beaches on the islands?

All of the islands have a small area for swimming, with some of them having swimming enclosures. Russell has a beach and recreation area which is also the home of the Kayak and Sailing Club, Russell Island has a 5 lane 25-meter swimming pool. The most easily accessed beach from the vehicle ferry is Karragarra Island which has a charming beach and great BBQ facilities.

How long does the trip take?

The ferry trips take approx 20 mins direct to Russell Island and the average trip on the barge to Russell Island is approximately 1 hour and to the other islands between 35 to 45 minutes.

Can I hire a car or bike on the islands?

Rental cars will have to be hired from the mainland. You are able to take your own bike to the island as the roads are suitable for recreational bike riders.


Can I take a caravan or trailer to the island and how much does it cost?

Caravan and trailers, which are attached to a vehicle, can travel to the Island. The cost is approx $13.50 each way per metre. This is measured from the tow ball to the end of the trailer.


How do I get my vehicle to the Russell Island?

These islands are easily accessible by vehicle ferry which departs from Redland Bay. Bookings for the car ferry are essential.


Is there accommodation on the Island?

There is a variety of accommodation on all of the islands, with some offering budget style, rental houses, bed and breakfasts, and a motel.


What activities can I do on these islands?

Although there are limited organised activities on the islands they are ideal for arranging your own adventure. This can include taking a bike and cycling the islands, going bird watching or just traveling throughout the southern Moreton Bay islands enjoying the magnificent scenery.

What is the cost of traveling to these islands?


The Fast jet ferry costs about $6 with a go card each way. The cost for a car on the vehicle ferry to any of the islands is about $131.00 return which includes the legal number of passengers. Inter-island transport is $32.75 return for a standard vehicle. Please refer to Stradbroke Ferry's pricing via this link: https://www.stradbrokeferries.com.au/pricing/southern-moreton-bay-island-ferry-price-list


The following list is for driving a car from Redland Bay Marina

7 minutes to Victoria Point Shopping Centre, Cinemas, Restaurants, Aldi, Bunnings and so much more.

16 minutes to Cleveland 12k, where there is a Hospital, Shops, Clubs, and Raby Bay20 minutes to Capalaba 18 km. Two shopping centres, and along the main road and in the commercial area you can get building materials furniture, absolutely everything you might need.

21 minutes to Garden City Shopping Centre at Mt Gravatt. Busway to change on to other buses.

23 minutes to Loganholme 20km which has the Hyperdome shopping centre and a commercial area and an IKEA store.

37 minutes to Brisbane Airport

41 minutes to Griffith University

40 minutes to Brisbane CBD.

40 minutes to Dreamland, fun parks. Upper Coomera.

56 minutes to Surfers Paradise

1hr 45minutes to Byron Bay


Buses from Redland Bay Marina

There is a regular time table during the day and limited services in the evenings and weekends.

There are several buses that leave from the Redland Bay Marina jetty that will get you to most places.

Bus routes go all the way into Brisbane via Victoria Point, Cleveland, Alexander Hills, Capalaba, Carindale, Stones Corner, Coorparoo, Woolanga bba. You may have to change busses at Capalaba to go into Brisbane CBD.

Or there is an alternative route to Garden city and Griffith University and change to a bus that goes into the city. (This is the quickest way by public transport)

In the other direction, the bus goes to the Hyperdome at Loganholme and if need be on to a bus to Beenleigh Railway Station and then on to the Theme Parks and as far as Varsity Lakes (far south in the Gold Coast region)

All information about public transport and ferry service can be found on Translink’s website.

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